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ISIE Science Olympiad


ISIE Science Olympiad will be organised by India’s Biggest Skill Based E-Mobility Education Platform. It is an event on Science (Physics and Chemistry), it covers content based topics from NCERT Curriculum 9th and 10th standard. The ideas shared here will help for giving a huge confidence to boost students preparing for IIT JEE or many competitive exams. Top 3 Students will be honoured with cash prizes, medal & certificate and recognition to top 50 Students from the city.

Olympiad Online Test Instructions: 

✓ Total Duration of this test is 60 minutes 

✓ Total questions for this test are 50. 

✓ Each correct question will grant you 4 marks and the total marks for the test is 200.

  Each wrong question will grant you -1 marks.

Instructions for accessing the Exam:

1. Read the notes  titled "Before beginning the exam" and "During the exam” , available when you will click on start test button. The button will be available after 5:00 PM, 20th July.

2. The password to open the exam will be mailed to your registered mail id. This password is required to open the exam. 

3. Log in to the  ISIEINDIA Website. 

4. Click on the "E-Event" link from the top menu. And click on the ISIE Science Olympiad.

5. When ready to begin, click on the "Start test" link to open the exam.

a. Do not begin until you are absolutely ready to start! 

b. The exam must be started between 5:00 PM on Monday, July 20th  and 16:30 PM on Tuesday, July 21st 2020.

6. Use the password sent to your student email account to open the exam. 

7. You will have 60 minutes to complete your exam. 

8. The exam must be completed in one sitting. You can only open it once.

9. Answer all questions in the exam. 

10. Click the "Submit" button when you are done to submit your work.

Top 50 students will be qualified for VIVA Round which will be live video exam. The Live Online VIVA is of 50 Marks.

If Two student scored overall same marks, The rank of student who completed exam in less duration will be higher than other student. 


All schools/ junior colleges those are recognized by the state and central education boards and also International boards can participate. You can register through our website (under E-Event Section).

Award to achievers


Date of exam

1st Batch: - 20th July 2020

2nd Batch: - 30th July 2020

Award Ceremony: 15th Aug 2020