Sustainable Alternative Fuel


In order to reduce the use of fossil fuels, alternative fuels like BIO GAS, CNG, LNG, Hydrogen gas etc. are the most promising alternative Fuel, the use of such fuels are environmentally friendly and how you can reduce the per kilometre cost of travelling by switching to alternative fuels. In this lecture expert will discuss about various alternative fuel fuels like BIO-GASS CNG LNG and hydrogen fuels, every topic involves the production methods market capital, chemical properties and various other application apart from automotive, at the end there will be a comparative study of each and every alternative fuels discussed, at the end expert will discussed about hydrogen which is called as FUTURE FUEL its production methods and safety aspect for automotive uses.

Program outcomes
  • Chemical Properties of Various Fuels

  • Methods of generation of Hydrogen Fuel

  • Comparative Study between Fossil Fuel and Alternative Fuel

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity.


  • 1 Lessons
  • 00:46:00 Hours

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