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Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers (ISIE, An ISO 9001:2008 & Associate Member of FMSCI and SFI, National Youth Award Winner by Ministry of Youth Affairs, Recommended by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India), we would like to extend a warm welcome for conducting 3 Days Online Program on “Solar Vehicle Design & Development” for Mechanical/Electrical/Electronic/Interested Department students in your college/university.

We have indigenous developed & manufactured 100% Solar Powered and Hybrid Vehicles to make our country green and clean. This initiative of Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers (ISIE), after a long way of research & development, provided the platform to engineering students from more than 500+ colleges from all over the country to build the vehicle which runs on green energy. As our initiative is supported by the CII-Confederation of Indian Industry,

CII provided us the opportunity to exhibit solar/hybrid at GES16 and GMX 2017 held at India Expo Mart and Pragati Maidan, New Delhi respectively to show their talent in front of the world’s leading automobile companies. Our services are also appreciated by PMO India and ESVC (Asia’s biggest Solar Vehicle Challenge) has been noted by MNRE (Solar R&D Division) For Solar Research Project. We are a leading organization for the last 6 years to promote Innovation and the New Concept of Technology. In the past year, we organized more than 1000 various Unique Concept SDP Program; this program is one of them to skill future generations and meet the demand of Industry for their career. We had trained more than 2.5 Lakhs + undergraduates in the past 6 years for technical, research, and professional skills. We had created new job opportunities, start-ups, and new concepts in Green Technologies.

Program Overview:

Electric Solar Vehicle Design & Development Program) is one of the best online (live) training programs to learn about Electric –Solar Vehicle Design and Development Technologies. The program is a complete package Electric-Solar Vehicle Technology. The program will give you a professional-level understanding of technologies, optimization techniques, Case studies. Under this 3 days live program you will be learning Component Study, EV –Solar Vehicle Powertrain, Component Sizing, Lithium Battery Development, etc.

It’s one of the best programs for students and Academicians to learn and have upgraded stat in EV technologies and Fuel cell Vehicles.

Program outcomes
  • Design Approach of Electric Solar Vehicle

  • Powertrain Setup

  • Understand Concept of Solar Vehicle Design & Development

  • Be capable of confidently applying ideas related to Electric design & Development.

  • Understand and Execute Industrial practical approach for Vehicle Design & Development.

  • Component Selection i.e. Motor, Battery, BMS etc.

  • You will be learning about Solar Power and Its Calculation.

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity.
  • Interest in electric vehicle, solar vehicle and future mobility.


  • 10 Lessons
  • 07:56:14 Hours
  • Electric Solar Vehicle Component Study, Electric Solar Vehicle Power train Setup, Energy Flow and Case Study (Battery Setup in various vehicles) – tesla model S 01:31:13
  • Design Approach of Solar Electric Vehicle, CAD Modelling of Solar Car , CAE Analysis Required for Solar-Electric Car and Case Study ( Body on Frame)01:15:02
  • Chassis Part 100:08:54
  • Chassis Part 200:07:46
  • Chassis Part 300:06:13
  • Chassis Dynamics, Tyre Dynamics , Steering , Braking and Suspension and Suspension Geometry Double Wish bone independent Suspension – Lotus01:50:08
  • Type of Motor & Controller00:18:44
  • Motor and Controller Selection for Solar Vehicle, Battery pack(Selection or make pack), Role of Battery Management System-BMS , Construction of Lithium Battery Pack, Cell Balancing and Difference and MMPT Solar Charge Controller01:12:11
  • Autonomous vehicles, DAQ, telemetry and other smart systems01:26:03
  • Assessment

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VINOD Gupta - Mon, 18-May-2020

One of the best course to learn about Electric -Solar Vehicle Design Concept along with Li-ion Battery and BMS

Omkar Rawool - Thu, 21-May-2020

Rachit Kunder - Wed, 27-May-2020

Sammy Goel - Fri, 19-Jun-2020

I just completed course "Advanced Motor, battery pack and bms". Joined this course for more knowledge. Yes, it is giving motivation to complete all courses on this website. Thanks isie for providing this treasure of E-Mobility earning in such a low price.

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