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The word tractor is related to words like traction & tractive from Latin word tractus which means drawing(pulling): a tractor is essentially a machine designed to pull things along, usually very slowly and surely.

A tractor is an engineering vehicle specially designed to deliver a high tractive effort or torque at slow speeds, for the purposes of hauling a trailer or machinery used in agriculture. Most commonly, the term is used to describe a farm vehicle that provides the power and traction to mechanize agricultural tasks, especially tillage.

As of now, tractors run on liquid fuels which consume lot of fuel and it also affects the pollution so also, we are running out of fossil fuels. Keeping in mind the shift towards using electricity as the source of energy, Sonalika recently launched an Electric Tractor. The eco-friendly tractor has a top speed of 24.93kph and a battery backup of 8 hours while operating with 2-tonne trolley.

Considering the needs of the industries and the shift towards Electric Vehicles, ISIE INDIA is organizing a Proficiency Improvement Program (PIP) on Electric Tractor Designing. The program is exclusively designed by Industrial experts having vast experience is EV domain. The program will be covering the design concepts of chassis, motor, battery, steering geometry. This is one of its kind of program launched by ISIE INDIA which is focusing on Industry oriented Skill Development.

With a rapid shift from IC to Electric power as the source to be used to run vehicles, Electric Tractor is going to be a big thing in coming years. Considering the needs and requirements, this PIP is focusing on need of the hour which is Electric Vehicle. ISIE INDIA is providing the best platform to gain some knowledge in EV domain. So, get enrolled and be the best from the rest.

Program Overview:




 Day 1

Chassis Design & Simulation

Mr. Ashutosh Kumar- EV Design Engineer, ISIE INDIA

Day 2

Tractor Steering

Mr. Raunak Chaudhary- Senior Design Engineer, ISIE INDIA

Day 3

Understanding Forces on Vehicle

Mr. Aman Akotkar- CFD Research Engineer, ISIE INDIA

Day 4

Motor Power & Torque Calculations

Mr. Aman Akotkar- CFD Research Engineer, ISIE INDIA

Day 5

Motor Types & Working

Mr. Vaibhav Karambelkar- EV Engineer, ISIE INDIA

Day 6

Gearbox & Power take-off

Mr. Sanskar Garg- Design Engineer, ISIE INDIA

Day 7

Battery Design, Calculation & Selection

Mr. Vaibhav Karambelkar- EV Engineer, ISIE INDIA

Day 8

Vehicle Assembly & Rendering

Mr. Ashutosh Kumar- EV Design Engineer, ISIE INDIA

Day 9

Simulating Vehicle Setup on MATLAB

Mr. Raunak Chaudhary- Senior Design Engineer, ISIE INDIA

Day 10

Project Planning

Mr. Ashutosh Kumar- EV Design Engineer, ISIE INDIA

Expert Lecture_1

Concept of Autonomous Technology for Tractor


Expert Lecture_2

Vehicle Economics & Marketing


Program outcomes
  • Knowledge of Tractor chassis designing

  • Knowledge about steering geometry selection

  • Knowledge of forces acting on a vehicle

  • Learning about simulation method sin Solid works

  • Knowledge of Motor Selection

  • Knowledge of Battery chemistry & selection

  • Knowledge of Gearbox design for electric tractor

  • Learning about Vehicle Assembly in Solid works

  • Learning about Rendering in Solid works

  • Knowledge of simulating a vehicle in MATLAB Simulink

  • Knowledge of Project Planning terms & terminologies

  • Knowledge of Autonomous technologies

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity.


  • 36 Lessons
  • 00:00:00 Hours
  • Study about Chassis00:00:00
  • Material Selection00:00:00
  • Designing of a Chassis00:00:00
  • Chassis Simulation for Front & Side Impact00:00:00
  • Different Steering geometry00:00:00
  • Steering geometry selection00:00:00
  • Steering calculations00:00:00
  • Steering terminologies00:00:00
  • Concept of Aerodynamics00:00:00
  • Drag and Lift Forces00:00:00
  • Different resistive forces00:00:00
  • Motor torque calculation00:00:00
  • Power calculation00:00:00
  • Factors affecting torque00:00:00
  • Assessment00:00:00
  • Different types of motor00:00:00
  • Woking Principle of motors00:00:00
  • Motor efficiency00:00:00
  • Gearbox types00:00:00
  • Gearbox calculations00:00:00
  • Concept of Power take off00:00:00
  • Tyre Selection & Designing00:00:00
  • Different cell chemistry00:00:00
  • Battery calculations for efficiency00:00:00
  • Battery safety measures00:00:00
  • Introducing Solid works Assembly feature00:00:00
  • Concept of Mates00:00:00
  • Assembly of Parts00:00:00
  • Rendering of Design in Solid works00:00:00
  • Introduction to MATLAB Simulink00:00:00
  • Designing Vehicle on MATLAB00:00:00
  • Simulating Vehicle on MATLAB Simulink00:00:00
  • Importance of Project Planning00:00:00
  • Gantt Chart00:00:00
  • DFMEA00:00:00
  • DVPR Cost & Marketing00:00:00

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