Learn in-depth about the crashworthiness testing of the vehicle along with rigging mannequin to check for seat belt and airbag tests. ISIEINDIA | Ls-dyna

Master Program in Vehicle Crash Test Using LS-DYNA

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According to a survey by the World Bank, India constituting 1% of vehicles in the world is accountable for 11% of road accidents in the world. Every hour we have 53 road crashes. Thus it is important for designing the vehicle with utmost safety, to prevent the life of that inside. 

This course of the Master's Program in LS-DYNA will take you through the process of simulation of the vehicle to check for its crashworthiness and safety of the passenger in terms of seat belt safety and airbag deployment and safety. 

In this course, you learn to model fabric for seat belts and add properties to perform a more close simulation of the system. Similarly, model gases and particles in order to simulate for expansion of the airbag and its impact over the mannequin. 

Program outcomes
  • You will have a better understanding of LS-DYNA

  • You will have a clear understanding of crashworthiness.

  • You will know the process to set up the Case in LS-DYNA.

  • You will learn the process to conduct mesh generation in LS-DYNA .

  • You will be inspired to pursue Safety analysis as a professional or academic field of your choice.

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity


  • 30 Lessons
  • 17:25:24 Hours
  • Basic of FEA00:31:46
  • Introduction to HyperMesh00:39:57
  • Introduction to Hypermesh - Hypermesh UI00:30:28
  • Introduction to Hypermesh - 1 D Meshing00:45:26
  • 2D Meshing - Intro01:10:00
  • 2D Meshing - Car Door Handle Meshing00:48:00
  • 2D Meshing - BIW Arm Meshing00:35:31
  • 2D Meshing - LH Inboard Cross Member01:00:00
  • Introduction to LS-Prepost01:16:00
  • Create a LS-DYNA input deck for Front Bumper Impact 00:53:00
  • LS-DYNA input deck for a ball impacting a plate00:47:16
  • Rear under Run Protection Device of Heavy Vehicle01:03:00
  • Mini-Project 1- Drop test of Mobile phone (Self)00:00:00
  • Modal Analysis00:32:00
  • Composite Material Analysis00:19:00
  • Explicit Analysis00:18:00
  • Vehicle Crash Safety00:17:00
  • Occupant Injury Criteria00:15:00
  • Regulations and Global NCAP00:20:00
  • Linear Vs Non Linear00:13:00
  • Static Vs Dynamic00:17:00
  • Seatbelt Anchorage Test01:05:00
  • CG and Seatbelt Component Analysis01:08:00
  • Post Processing of Seatbelt Anchorage Test01:00:00
  • Mini Project -: Seat Belt Modelling for Dummy (Self)00:00:00
  • Luggage Retention and H1H2 Tests in Seat01:00:00
  • Head Impact Analysis00:41:00

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Ashutosh Kumar - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

Very useful course. I am able to understand all the basic and advanced concepts through this course. Highly recommended.

ujjwal tyagi - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

Experts were outstanding. Lectures are to the point without drag-on. Thanks for your efforts.

AMOL SONAWANE - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

A great course, this has more than my expectation...Effective.

Riti Aggarwal - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

Best faculties provided by ISIEINDIA for LS-DYNA

Budh Preet Arora - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

The course was very comprehensive and easy to understand.

Ravichandran C. - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

This course was insightful and gave me a better understanding of how the crash worthiness of the car is checked and how can we check for the safety of the driver when in accident.

Akky Reddy - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

I was able to understand all the concept during the session, it was very easy to understand the subjects by their teaching.

Avik Chaudhary - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

I look forward to doing more courses with you ISIEINDIA in the future and i have been recommending to everyone. Thank you for all the assistance, it has been delightful and very gratifying.

Abhi sharma - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

What an excellent professor and I learned things that I did not know about this course including how to do things better than I have been. Again thank you very much ISIEINDIA.

Ayan Sharma - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

ISIEINDIA would make a real positive impact on your career and you should not have any second thoughts while going for any courses because i opted for LS-DYNA and that was best.

Vishu Anna - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

ISIEINDIA is the best platform and i'm very glad to join ISIEINDIA programme. ISIEINDIA provided me depth knowledge about this course.

L M KARTHIGEYAN - Sun, 08-Aug-2021

Very worst service

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