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Lithium Battery: Where is the technology growing?

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In the recent last decade, we have seen news reports regarding heating up of mobile phone batteries and in many cases, it has also exploded injuring the consumer. Similarly, we also have had cases of Hyundai Kona catching fire in the summer season, due to excessive heating of the cell. All these incidents have proved how important it is to monitor lithium-ion cells.

Program outcomes
  • The program will give you professional level knowledge.

  • You will learn about to select right type and size of Motor and Motor Controller.

  • Learning though various case study, will give you right direction as per market requirements.

  • Complete Design process of Lithium Battery pack.

  • Design and analysis for Battery Management System.

  • You will be avail to design EV Powertrain for any kind of Model as per requirements.

  • You will be having professional level knowledge about selection and integration of components for EV Powertrain i.e. Battery , Motor, Charging port , BMS , converters etc.

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity.
  • Interest in battery technology.


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MALINI K V - Sun, 31-Oct-2021

very good discussion on the battery technology and future

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