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Latest Development in the Field of Electric Mobility

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The skill gap is a major problem facing India now, and the problem just got aggravated with the Covid-19 pandemic and the long lockdown. Here’s what undergraduates need to learn. All the sectors are continually evolving, so we have to prepare for the future by acquiring relevant skills on the go to maintain a competitive edge. So, while a skill gap and work-readiness definitely are pressing issues that most new graduates face, there is also a solution. ISIEINDIA is the most popular and favorite Electric Mobility Motorsports, Education and Research Publication organization in India among engineering institutes and green energy research organisation. We give the platform to new start-ups, Innovative ideas, and to passionate people, who really want to contribute to society. We are making use of concepts like experiential learning, project-based learning, and activities for students, and peer to peer interaction to skill youth in the EV sector via our Skill Development, Online & Webinar Programs. 


Mr. Ashhar Ahmed,

Head-International Strategic Alliances & Export Partnerships, E-Trio.

Program Sketch: 

  • Present Automobile Industry
  • Transportation Industry Overview
  • Challenges for Mobility Sector
  • Future of Mobility in India
  • National Electric Mobility Mission Plan
  • FAME Program
  • Electric Mobility Evolution
  • EVs & HEVs
  • Electrification of Mobility: Technological Approach
  • Global EV Market
  • Indian EV Market Segmentation
  • Key Market Players of Indian EV Industry
  • Key driving factors for EVs
  • Supply Chain for EV Industry
  • EV Ecosystem
  • EV Business Propositions 

Program outcomes
  • Understanding of Present day Automotive Sector.

  • Exploring role of E-Mobility in Transportation Industry. 

  • Understanding of Environmental/Climate Change Issues.

  • Exploring Challenges for Mobility Sector in coming time.

  • Exploring E-Mobility Future in India.

  • Exploring Government Schemes, Plans & Agenda’s for EV adoption.

  • Learning various EV/HEV Technologies.

  • Understanding of EV Market.

  • Outlining Supply Chain for EVs.

  • Exploring EV Startups & Companies in India.

  • Framing EV Ecosystem.

  • Exploring EV Business Propositions.

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity.
  • Interested in Electric Vehicles.


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  • 02:00:00 Hours
  • Expert Lecture02:00:00

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ANKUR SRIVASTAVA - Wed, 17-Jun-2020


SYED HANZALA NASEER - Wed, 17-Jun-2020

This webinar Is very useful for us Excellent

polaki sravan - Wed, 17-Jun-2020

Nice information its very helpful my career

Ram Kumar R - Wed, 17-Jun-2020

It is very useful.

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