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Fundamental of Electric Bike - 2W


What’s new in Bike: E-Bike. Due to huge urbanization and increasing traffic congestion in Indian cities are the main factors to drive the demand for e-bikes. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in India as well as over the globe, shared mobility for transportation is unlikely to be preferred. E-bikes are considered a safe, convenient, and affordable alternative to public or shared transportation. Also, compared to other transportation systems like electric bus, LCV or cars, e-bikes are cheaper, easier to charge, and do not require huge capital cost to own and investments in supportive infrastructure.

Many start-ups have started selling electric bikes in India. Since the demand for e-bikes has increased across the nation over the last few years, manufacturers are planning to expand their facilities to target markets. Leading world manufacturers have also entered the Indian market to capture the growing market demand. Ride-sharing company Ola has entered into an agreement with the Tamil Nadu government and will be investing INR 2,400 crore for setting up its first electric scooter factory in the state. The company says its factory Ola electric bike manufacturing plant will be the largest scooter manufacturing facility in the world that will create nearly 10,000 direct job opportunity.

Considering the scenario of lack of knowledge among people, ISIE INDIA is providing an exclusive online crash course on Understanding E-Bike which will be covering all the aspects of an Electric Bike starting from its design to its development. This program not only provides the fundamental knowledge to the students but also provides the advance working principles of an E-Bike. The program is designed in such a way that it should be able to provide clear vision to the candidates about an E-Bike.

Program outcomes
  • Knowledge of basic terminology of E-Bike.

  • Knowledge of different motors types and working

  • Knowledge of frame design and process for material selection for frame

  • Knowledge of aerodynamics concept for E-Bike

  • Knowledge of battery terminologies and performance

  • Knowledge of cell chemistry

  • Knowledge of battery safety techniques

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity


  • 11 Lessons
  • 06:45:50 Hours
  • Electric 2W Market00:43:50
  • Architecture of E-Bike01:10:00
  • Aerodynamics Calculation01:00:00
  • Concept of Chassis00:48:00
  • Introduction to Battery System00:27:00
  • Battery Parameters and Efficiency00:57:00

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