In EV Battery course, we will be taking a look at similar problems, and try to understand the various parameters affecting cell selection. ISIEINDIA | Ev battery

EV Battery Pack Design


What portion of the vehicle cost is battery pack cost? For an average passenger vehicle, the battery pack covers almost 40% of the cost of the vehicle. Thus if somehow we are able to reduce the EV Battery pack size or the cost of it, then we may have a cheaper product. The issue over here is that - if we reduce battery pack size then it will reduce the range too, but if we change the cells and opt for cheaper ones then it may lead to safety concerns or performance deterioration.

In this course, we will be taking a look at similar problems, and try to understand the various parameters affecting the cell selection, sorting, EV Battery pack design, cell configuration, battery pack stability, etc, and design an optimized battery pack for a given range.

In this course, we will calculate the range of the vehicle given, and decide the cell configuration and arrangement. Selection of cells based on form factor, cell chemistry, range, powertrain requirements. This will lead to the design of battery packs and various regulations in place for battery pack testing.

Case Study-

Spot Welding vs Laser Welding

There are two major methods for combining cylindrical cells - spot welding and laser welding. Spot welding although cheaper has its own demerits, in this case, a study we understand the extent to which spot welding might affect cell life.

Swappable Battery Pack

The battery pack is used for providing the energy to drive. The battery pack recharge time is a major concern among consumers and manufacturers alike. To solve these various alternatives have been introduced such as - battery swapping. In this, we talk about the feasibility of swapping and design challenges.

Projects -

Range Calculation for an EV

Creating a mathematical model to calculate the range of an electric vehicle as per the given battery pack configuration and powertrain setup. These calculations will be done in reference to real-life challenges and products which are already on the market.

Program outcomes
  • Types of cells based on chemistry and shape.

  • Cell parameters and data sheet

  • Cell Characteristics for charge and discharge

  • Range calculation

  • Cell Sorting

  • Type of welding to opt for

  • Self Balancing for pack

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity


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