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In the current times when our government is pitching “VOCAL for LOCAL” as the foundation of our economy for years to come Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship is the centerpiece. To learn the art of entrepreneurship focused on E-Mobility starting from its very conception to a successful launch strategy, please join us for a thrilling 1-hour session on “Entrepreneurship program on E-Mobility”.


Mr. Ashutosh Jha 

An ex entrepreneur himself is an avid automobile enthusiast with a strong inclination towards EVs. With experience of over 13 years in the automobile sectors where he has been in several senior positions in India and outside. He has worked in more than 20 countries and gains global exposure in the field of mobility. His core competency is around Product Development and Project management. He is also regularly involved in Panel discussions, the most recent being the one at Autoexpo 2020. Currently, Ashutosh is leading the vertical of OEM, Defence and Institutional Sales in one of the best sustainable mobility companies in the world.

Program outcomes
  • Current context around E - Mobility and It’s need in India.

  • Product conception from its birth till its successful launch and exit strategy.

  • Project management basics - how to run any project successfully.

  • Our polar star - what we can achieve.

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity.
  • Interested in Electric Vehicles.


  • 1 Lessons
  • 01:00:50 Hours
  • Live Webinar by Mr. Ashutosh Jha01:00:50

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- Wed, 13-May-2020

Shikhar Verma - Wed, 20-May-2020

Rohan Doijode - Wed, 13-May-2020

Rajesh Kumar Upadhyay - Wed, 13-May-2020

VINOD Gupta - Thu, 14-May-2020

ASHWIN THOMAS - Sat, 16-May-2020

Santosh Kumar - Sat, 16-May-2020


Milan Kr Maity - Sat, 16-May-2020

Vijay R - Sat, 16-May-2020

Danappareddy Kavya - Sat, 16-May-2020

Thank you

Nitesh Chavan - Sat, 16-May-2020

Very nice webinar on e mobility and its surrounding area got to know about a lot thank you.


The webinar was very interesting one.


Excellent Session and Iam very happy that I learned lot of things about Entrepreneurship

Vilas Patil - Sat, 16-May-2020

Good Data and explanation about each process

Ashish Kumar Srivastava - Sat, 16-May-2020

It was a great and interesting session.

Kanagaraj C - Sat, 16-May-2020

Very interesting session.

Omar Sultan - Sat, 16-May-2020

ISIE INDIA COURSES - Sat, 16-May-2020

Manoj Sharma - Sat, 16-May-2020

its dope , give it a shot

SHWETABH SINGH - Sat, 16-May-2020

very good learning

Raajamahalakshmi S - Sat, 16-May-2020

nice webinar

Kranthi Kumar Mangalpally - Sat, 16-May-2020



The session was very interesting

Fichadiya Vatsal - Sat, 16-May-2020


Manju I - Sat, 16-May-2020

Wonderful session

Shrutika Thorat - Sat, 16-May-2020

Pratik Jha - Sat, 16-May-2020

Thanks for your valuable guidance Mr. Ashutosh, Glad and fortunate to here such vector approach.. love to hear you again and again.

AMALA JUSTUS SELVAM M - Sun, 17-May-2020

very good

Kaushikee Upadhyay - Sun, 17-May-2020

nice awareness

Ritesh Kumar Kushwaha - Tue, 19-May-2020

VELMURUGAN R - Wed, 20-May-2020

More informative session

Gurdeep Singh - Wed, 20-May-2020

KARTHIK B - Wed, 20-May-2020

Dnyaneshwar Khatavkar - Sat, 23-May-2020

Bhanudas Kapadne - Sat, 06-Jun-2020

Dr. Aman Bansal - Sat, 13-Jun-2020

Good webinar

Sandeep S - Sat, 20-Jun-2020

Rahul Rajak - Sun, 05-Jul-2020

Thank you so much for ISIE which give me opportunity for learning of e mobllity which is very important in future

parveen kumar - Mon, 07-Sep-2020

Manoj Kumar - Fri, 21-May-2021

Good programme

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