Under this program, users will learn how to select and calculate the right size and type of motor and controller for their Electrical Machine. ISIEINDIA | Electrical machine, electrical machines - motor and controller, electric vehicles

Electrical Machines - Motor and Controller

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Electrical Machine is predicted to generate revenue of $29,179.3 million by 2026 with a CAGR of 40.6% in the estimated period.

The rise in the demand for electric vehicles is predicted to be the major driving factor for the electric vehicle traction motor market. Moreover, the government rules and regulations with respect to emissions released from vehicles are predicted to be one of the reasons for the rise of the electric vehicle traction motor market. In addition, the rising prices of fossil fuels are predicted to boost the sale of electric vehicles as it doesn’t require any fossil energy to run the vehicle is predicted to boost the electric vehicle traction motor market.

Electric vehicles are valued at a very high cost. Many customers from the lower economic group are still unable to afford electric vehicles, which hampers the growth of the electric vehicle traction engine industry in the forecast period. Furthermore, the technology relating to charging these vehicles' batteries is not up to the mark. Many countries lack electric vehicle rechargeable stations which are estimated to hinder the growth of the electric vehicle traction motor market in the forecast period.

Program Overview:

The program is learning about the Electrical Machine i.e. Motor, Controller, etc. Under this program, users will learn how to select and calculate the right size and type of motor and controller for their EV.

This program provides you with the most flexible learning environment possible. This program is offered as a self-paced program often referred to as an asynchronous online program which is time-independent, meaning that it can be accessed 24X7 lifetime access.

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This program can be accessed from multiple devices which makes it easy to learn on the go. Lectures that are pre-recorded or slide presentation with voice-over commentary, interactive discussion boxes, real-time modeling on deferent advanced software, GIF, Videos, graphs, etc.

Program outcomes
  • Participants will be having concept and basic knowledge of EV/ HEV Powertrain.

  • Hands on Training on Electric Motor and Controller.

  • Global recognized certificate of participation.

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity.
  • Interest in electric vehicles, telecom, solar, aerospace or consumer electronics applications.


  • 13 Lessons
  • 03:51:00 Hours
  • Classification of Motors00:15:00
  • Motor operating Characteristics00:19:00
  • Reluctance Motors00:15:00
  • Synchronous Motors00:10:00
  • Controller topologies00:11:00
  • Type of Controller (Sine Wave / Square Wave)00:11:00
  • Flux Modulating Machines00:17:00
  • DC Machines00:15:00
  • NVH Characterization of Electric Motors00:20:00
  • Case Study(Noise, Vibration & Harshness Challenges in Vehicle Light weighting )00:24:00
  • How to Select type and size of Motor for EV with Calculation01:14:00
  • How to Select type and size of controller for EV with Calculation - Coming Soon00:00:00
  • Assessment 1

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Sakshi Gupta - Wed, 24-Jun-2020

Very Good Program.... as compare to cost i got alot . Best program at 399.. student from VIT

Amey Marathe - Thu, 02-Jul-2020

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