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Electric Vehicle Design, Simulation and Component Selection

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Electric Vehicle Design, Simulation and Component Selection- Placement Assurance

The last decade saw significant trends in technology; some of the most significant interest and growth was focused on the EV industry. Once a pipe dream of green technologists, electric vehicles enjoyed tremendous growth in the past decade. As per the recent report by Reuters the upcoming time EV industry is supposed to generate more than 5.8 million new jobs. These will include various profiles like Motor Design, Power Electronics, Electric Vehicle Design, Production, Services, etc.

In order to be able to fulfill that demand our engineers and graduates would have to be well equipped with knowledge and skill in compliance with Electric Vehicle, and with the Govt. pushing the idea of Make in India, we must have the ability to work on the EV components at R&D level and help achieve the goal. 

Keeping this in mind, our experts from the industry have come forward to help us design this upcoming course – “Electric Vehicle Design, Simulation and component Selection”

In this course, we will have a detailed discussion over various topics like the Market impact of electric vehicles, EV motor design, powertrain calculation, EV design and selection criteria, EV battery Pack charging system, and Vehicle simulation and we also added various recent case studies of making this course interactive and highly informative. This course is for those looking for design development of an electric vehicle, in order to come up with a new product for the market. This course will take you through the journey of the complete process of design and development of the electric vehicle, and help you lay a perfect pathway for a successful prototype for an EV.

The course is a fully online mode, with live lectures and doubt clearing sessions and it includes 10 modules for the 60+ learning hour. The course includes 20 assignments in total and it also includes assessments after completion of each module, based on which you will be provided with a global certificate.

Who can attend? 

● Entrepreneurs who are looking to set up their industry or start-up related to EV. 

● Graduates or postgraduates looking to improve their resume and land a job in EV. 

● Professionals who are looking for a job change.


Battery Placement in EV

The electric vehicle has brought a major change in the way vehicles are being designed. Unlike IC Engine, the NVH requirement is less as well. The placement of the battery pack has also affected the way panels are designed. 

EV Market Impact

The EV market has grown the most despite the COVID-19 situation in the past year. In this, we take a look at the various parameters affecting the EV market and how the government and manufacturers have joined hands to promote EV.

Single Speed or Multi Speed Transmission?

The EVs currently in the market are equipped with single speed gearbox, but there are engineers arguing the fact that multi speed gearbox will be much beneficial. In this, we will be discussing the topic and try to understand the difference.

Battery Charging vs Battery Swapping

When it comes to EV design, it is really important to know which way to choose, battery swapping or charging as it will alter the design.

EV Architecture -

Fixed motors can deliver better performance, but will result in more weight due to the gearbox. The in-wheel motor will have less losses and reduce weight but would be costlier. Which motor to choose? Which architecture should we go for?


Vehicle Body Design-

Creating BIW design of various body parts of a vehicle - Hood, Panel, Doors.

Vehicle Crash Simulation -

Crash Simulation for understanding passenger safety in a vehicle.

Powertrain Components Selection -

Selection of Powertrain Components in order to achieve optimum performance as per the problem statement given.

Motor Design and Energy Consumption -

Designing a Motor with the least energy consumption as per the applicable drive cycle.

Battery Pack Design and Selection -

In this, you will get to calculate the battery pack design as per the desired range, with the appropriate BMS and Thermal Management System.



6 Months Online + 6 Month Paid Internship

Number of Subjects
Online Study
6 Subjects (170 hours)
3 Major Projects
Case Study
20+ case study

Research Paper Publication

5 Research Papers (free of cost)

10 Assessments



Now, pay your course fees in instalments at no cost EMI available at Credit cards following banks -

-American Express

-Yes Bank

-Standard Chartered Bank

-RBL Bank

-IndusInd Bank

-CITY Bank

-Axis Bank


-Kotak Bank

-HDFC Bank

-Bank of Baroda


Power Unit
Vehicle Design
Motor Structural Design Engineer

Battery Pack Design Engineer

BIW Engineer
Motor Control Systems Designer
Battery Test Engineer
Design Engineer
Control Systems Designer
Battery Packaging Engineer
CAE Expert

Power Electronics Hardware Engineer

Battery Management Engineer

Product Development Engineer
Hardware Design Engineer
BMS Software Developer
Vehicle Integration Engineer
Motor Testing Engineer
Thermal Management Systems Engineer - Battery Pack

Vehicle Homologation and Testing Engineer

System Test Engineer

Program outcomes
  • Electric Vehicle Market growth.

  • EV market study and policies.

  • Vehicle Design Parameters

  • BIW Body Design Methods

  • Vehicle Crash test and Simulation

  • Vehicle Powertrain Calculation

  • Motor Design and Simulation

  • EV Battery pack design and Cell Sorting

  • The process of battery thermal cooling and its significance

  • Better understanding of BMS design and its important factors

  • Various types of Charger and its Significance

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity


  • 29 Lessons
  • 110:14:15 Hours
  • Unit 1: About EV Industry and Market Study05:10:15
  • Unit 2: Electric Vehicle Design Principle03:05:30
  • Unit 3: BIW - Hood Design02:08:30
  • Unit 4: BIW - Field View and Roof Design03:08:00
  • Unit 5: BIW - Body and Door Design03:08:00
  • Unit 6: Introduction to FEA04:02:30
  • Unit 7: Creating a Good Mesh03:08:30
  • Unit 8: Setting up Case Study04:05:00
  • Unit 9: Crashworthiness of Vehicle05:10:30
  • Unit 10: Simulating for Safety04:14:00
  • Unit 11: Introduction to Aerodynamics02:04:00
  • Unit 12: Calculating Area05:02:00
  • Unit 13: Drag Calculation04:04:00
  • Unit 14: Drag Simulation04:08:00
  • Unit 15: Power and Torque Calculation06:06:00
  • Unit 16: Selecting Powertrain05:06:00
  • Unit 17: Motor Types and Design04:08:00
  • Unit 18: Model Based Simulation - Calculate for Vehicle Energy Consumption03:10:00
  • Unit 19: Motor Simulation for Performance.04:04:00
  • Unit 20: Cell Types and Characteristics04:04:00
  • Unit 21: Battery Pack Design and Cell Sorting05:10:00
  • Unit 22: BMS Design and Architecture02:10:30
  • Unit 23: ESS Communication04:04:00
  • Unit 24: Model Based Simulation - Range Calculation03:06:00
  • Unit 25: Introduction to Homologation and Testing02:06:00
  • Unit 26: CMVR Types Approval04:03:00
  • Unit 27: Electrical Machine – Tests and Approval03:03:00
  • Unit 28: Battery Pack – Types and Approval04:05:00
  • Unit 29: EV Charging Types and Approval03:10:00

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Avik Chaudhary - Wed, 05-May-2021

I am honestly speaking no one will provide you better experts, only ISIEINDIA is doing this I learnt about EV Design, Simulation & Component Selection and I must say that it was a great experience. Thank you so much team.

Akky Reddy - Wed, 05-May-2021

ISIEINDIA has contained more attraction, interaction, and Effective knowledge. I really enjoyed the course & also I updated my knowledge. Thanks

Abhi sharma - Wed, 05-May-2021

Good course. Properly organized and tiny assignments and continuous assessments with good videos.

Riti Aggarwal - Wed, 05-May-2021

Training was excellent with good interaction. Recording facility is excellent for revising. Course was practically and informative. Expert was enthusiastic and really aware of what he is explaining. The course helped to build confidence, Valuable experiences and learning.

Budh Preet Arora - Wed, 05-May-2021

It was very good experience. Expert will focus on basics that helps me to grasp knowledge very quickly and efficiently. They will not only focused on theory but also gave different practical example which really helpful. I definitely recommend this training to my colleagues.

Vishu Anna - Wed, 05-May-2021

The training experience was good. Course was taught very detailed way. Great efforts from the experts to make this course a handy one.

Ayan Sharma - Wed, 05-May-2021

Trainer knowledge is excellent, having great practical knowledge as well theory concept. I got cleared all my doubts and concept to learn.

Dharini chauhan - Tue, 27-Jul-2021

ISIE India would make a real positive impact on your career and you should not have any second thoughts while going for any courses in ISIE because i opted for Electric Vehicle and that was best.

Javed khan - Tue, 27-Jul-2021

I opted this placement course from ISIE India and It was very effective. After completing this placement courses I got placed in Hero Electric. Great experience!

krishna sarkar - Wed, 28-Jul-2021

I opted this Electric Vehicle course for my learning and I can must say this institute will provide you lots of learning of the EV course. Imperial society of innovative engineers is the best Training Institute for Electric Vehicle Courses.

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