Component Design using Solidworks


What is the difference between idea and the design? “Idea” as per the Oxford’s dictionary means – plan/ thought. It can be to invent a new product, or a provide a solution to the problem which is already existing. The idea however is of virtual nature. To realize it, this idea must be placed on the piece of paper or documented with feasibility analysis.

Since the coming of computers and electronics, various digital tools have been developed to enhance the design experience and process exponentially. When it comes to product development in mechanical sector, as the prototyping is expensive and a time-consuming process, it gets necessary to include the use of digital tools/ CAD software to make the process easy and more error free. 

One of such software is Solid works. The product of Dassault Systems, this software gained popularity in last decade in India, because of increasing awareness among engineering students. Unlike other software this software has a friendly user interface and is flexible as per design needs and demands. Thus, it is also acting as a very efficient tool in terms of design. Most of the MSME companies are employing this software due to its user friendliness and the hybrid modelling environment where, you can easily switch between the various tool environment – surface, sheet metal, weldment, part, sketcher, etc.

In this course you will get to learn about the basics of solid works. The course starts with getting you familiar with the sketching module of the software, where you learn about the basics of sketching and how to use basic geometry shapes and tools to create a complicated shape and use relations to reduce time. Going to part modeler – learn about the various 3D commands and tools required to generate a volumetric shape/ design. Work with various designs at hand to understand how to efficiently build a model. The assembly modeler will help you create assembly, understand the concept of plane orientation when it comes to the assembly model design and mates to use for motion and how to import parts from library. The weldment is useful for students in creating the roll cage/ tubular space frame for the vehicle. The drawings module will help you create a drawing and understand the concept of orientation when it comes to releasing drawing for a product.


  • Create a Rotary Engine Assembly
  • Create a Knuckle for Wheel Assembly
  • Create a Screw Jack Assembly
  • Create a Tubular Space Frame chassis.
  • Create a Wheel Assembly.

Program outcomes
  • Sketcher – Using basic geometry shapes, trim tools and using sketch relations.

  • Part Modeler – Creating volumetric parts and pattern.

  • Part Modeler – Using Sweep and Loft to create complex shapes.

  • Assembly Modeler – Using proper mates and proper orientation of the part.

  • Creating Motion of Assembly and restraining motion.

  • Weldment – Create a tubular chassis of the vehicle and create custom profile.

  • Drawing - Generating release drawing for a provided assembly and apply views.

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity.


  • 16 Lessons
  • 13:12:00 Hours
  • Introduction to SolidWorks00:40:00
  • UI and Setting 2D & 3D Sketching and Planes01:00:00
  • Using Modelling Features01:10:00
  • Reading Drawing Sheet01:10:00
  • Part Design – Tire and Rim00:50:00
  • Part Design – Hub and Fasteners00:47:00
  • Basics of Assembly Design00:43:00
  • Design of Parts and Assembly00:50:00
  • Wheel Assembly00:30:00
  • Mini Project on Product Design and Assembly00:40:00
  • Electronic Cabinet Modelling00:45:00
  • Weldment01:00:00
  • Features of Weldment01:00:00
  • Mini Project – Tubular Space Frame 01:00:00
  • Tolerance/Interference Analysis - Available Now00:27:00
  • CAD Library00:40:00

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Basheer Ahmed - Tue, 29-Jun-2021

The course was excellent. Highly Recommended !

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