Certified Diploma in CAD & CAE


Certified Diploma in CAD & CAE | Certified By ASDC | Supported By SMEV

Computer-aided engineering (CAE) is the use of computer software to simulate performance in order to improve product designs or assist in the resolution of engineering problems for a wide range of industries. This includes simulation, validation and optimization of products, processes, and manufacturing tools.

A typical CAE process comprises of pre-processing, solving, and postprocessing steps. In the pre-processing phase, engineers model the geometry (or a system representation) and the physical properties of the design, as well as the environment in the form of applied loads or constraints. Next, the model is solved using an appropriate mathematical formulation of the underlying physics. In the post-processing phase, the results are presented to the engineer for review.


The global shift from physical modelling to virtual prototyping is a result of the prevalence of computer aided engineering services. Today, organizations of all sizes leverage advanced cloud computing to map, create, and reiterate manufacturing environments. Such exercises in production planning garner customer preference amid benefits such as cost efficiency, proof of concept, and reduction in product recalls. The global computer aided engineering market will grow 2.4X during the forecast period (2019-2029). Stiff competition across industries warrants the use of technology to ensure sufficient testing of product prototypes before beginning full scale production.


ISIE INDIA understand the need of the industry as we are working in fulfilling the gap between Industry and Academia. In order to train people, ISIE INDIA is providing CERTIFIED DIPLOMA IN COMPUTER AIDED ENGINEERING in which we are focusing on providing skills and knowledge on various software. This course will introduce you to the fundamental concept of computer-aided engineering and how it helps you to reduce the time and improve the efficiency. We will be covering the basics of Solid works & Ansys CAD Design software by learning how to properly sketch and model 2D/3D parts than we will also explore the basics of setting up a CAM program and defining toolpaths to make simple geometry and then we will focus on CFD. CFD is an essential tool used in industries like power generation, aerospace, automotive, and chemical engineering to enhance product performance. For students or professionals who aspire to work in such industry or allied research, CFD is a tool which will provide them a powerful analysis capability.


This course is designed considering very little or no background knowledge of the subject. In this short course you’ll develop good understanding of subject and start applying the knowledge on anything you are designing. This course will provide participants to know basic idea about on Hyper mesh software user interface which is a computer aided engineering (CAE) simulations software platform. We will also understand the process of finite element models for analysis and prepare high-quality meshes in an efficient manner. Along with that we will also learn about LS- Dyna. In LS-Dyna we will be covering the crashworthiness and Linear Analysis using Opti-Struct.

After completion of every module there will be a quiz and assignment for knowledge check. 

Program outcomes
  • You will have a better understanding of coordinate system and design plans.

  • You will know the basics concepts of CAD/CAE.

  • You will have a better understanding of designing of 2D/3D geometry.

  • You will be inspired to pursue CAD as a professional or academic field of your choice.

  • You will have a better understanding of Aero-dynamics and Drag Calculation.

  • You will have a clear understanding of CFD.

  • Learning about Fundamentals of meshing.

  • Learning about Simulation process on LS-Dyna.

  • Various case studies and mini projects for hands on practice on various models of Vehicle.

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity


  • 31 Lessons
  • 17:45:46 Hours
  • Introduction to CAD & SolidWorks00:40:00
  • Introduction - UI and Setting 2D & 3D Sketching and Planes01:00:00
  • Parts Modelling - Using Modelling Features01:10:00
  • Parts Modelling - Reading Drawing Sheet01:00:00
  • Parts Modelling - Tire and Rim00:50:00
  • Parts Modelling - Hub and Fasteners00:47:00
  • CAD Assembly - Basics of Assembly Design00:43:00
  • CAD Assembly - Design of Parts and Assembly00:50:00
  • CAD Assembly - Wheel Assembly00:30:00
  • Mini Project on Product Design and Assembly00:40:00
  • CAD Assembly - Electronic Cabinet Modelling00:45:00
  • Weldment00:27:00
  • Features of Weldment00:30:00
  • Mini Project – Tubular Space Frame 00:40:00
  • Introduction to ANSYS - Basics of CAE &CAE Software – Ansys Interface00:25:00
  • ANSYS Workbench GUI00:16:00
  • Introduction to ANSYS - Finite Element Basics, Types of Analysis, Sample problem00:25:00
  • Introduction to ANSYS - Meshing Introduction, Global controls00:36:00
  • Introduction to ANSYS - Local Controls, Mesh Quality Check00:31:00
  • Meshing - Introduction to Meshing00:58:00
  • Meshing - Types of Mesh Elements00:32:00
  • Meshing - Meshing a geometry00:16:00
  • Meshing - Localized Meshing00:20:00
  • Structural Simulation - Equation for Structural Problems00:28:00
  • Structural Simulation - Loading Conditions00:34:00
  • Structural Simulation - Static Structural – with analysis00:26:00
  • Structural Simulation - Dynamic Structural Analysis00:27:00
  • Thermal Simulation - Introduction to Steady State Thermal00:14:02
  • Thermal Simulation - Boundary Conditions00:15:26
  • Thermal Simulation - Introduction to Transient Thermal00:13:18
  • Thermal Simulation - Transient Thermal Simulation00:17:00

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