The program is also giving you deep learning about Architecture, ECU Design, Li-Ion Battery and BMS along with Mathematical modeling. ISIEINDIA | Bms, ecu, electric vehicle, bms & ecu for electric vehicle, battery management system

BMS & ECU for Electric Vehicle


In the Indian electric vehicle ecosystem market analyzed by BIS Research, the EV market is anticipated to grow at a robust CAGR of 43.13% during the forecast period from 2019 to 2030. Additionally, the installation of charging infrastructure is projected to grow at a CAGR of 42.38%. With the entry of local battery manufacturers such as TATA Chemicals and BHEL alongside the import of batteries from global players, the electric vehicle battery market is expected to grow at a whopping CAGR of 60.15% during the forecast period.

The Indian electric vehicle ecosystem market is currently in a nascent phase. The government’s push to ensure EV adoption through subsidies and tax benefits has further propelled the market growth. Despite the Indian automotive industry experiencing a sharp decline in FY2019, the electric vehicle market is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. With the BS6 norms becoming applicable from April 2020, electric vehicles will become more price-competitive with conventionally fueled vehicles, thus accelerating the electric vehicle sales in the country.

This course on Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Design by a team of experts led by an ISIEINDIA technical committee (300+ Professional Member from Indian and Global OEM i.e. M&M, TATA Motors, Renault, TVS etc.)  Brought to you by ISIEINDIA e-learning platform a leading online learning platform for EVs popular in India and South Asia.

Program Overview:

Placement Program in BMSand ECU will provide a dynamic academic program inclusive of Software, Model Based Development, Case Study minor projects along with hands-on experience in Electric / Hybrid vehicle Domain. The program imparts practical application of skills in the field of electric vehicle engineering. It provides for a hands-on experience through practical learning and Case Study.

The program is also giving you deep learning about Architecture, ECU Design, Li-Ion Battery and BMS along with Mathematical modeling, thermal analysis for EV BMS and ECU.

ISIEINDIA well knows platform from 2013 to provide opportunities to learn and develop innovation, technologies, especially in the EV sector. Now, we present the specialization program on Electric / Hybrid Vehicle Design (EV –Design). This program provides you with the most flexible learning environment possible. This program is offered as a self-paced program often referred to as an asynchronous online program which is time-independent, meaning that it can be accessed 24X7. This program can be accessed from multiple devices which makes it easy to learn on the go. Lectures that are pre-recorded or slide presentation with voice-over commentary, interactive discussion boxes, real-time modeling on various advanced software, GIF, Videos, graphs, etc.


Assured Job Offers

Job offers to Top 10 Students for  EV Electrical Engineer and to Top 11-20 for EV Sales Application Engineer posts with 3-4  Lakhs Per Annum CTC after completion of this Course.

Globally Recognized Certificate

Recommended program by SMEV- Society for manufactures of  Electric Vehicle, MSME, and 17 + Automotive Industries.


A program designed for Professionals / Academicians / Engineers / Undergraduate Students and all interested Electric Vehicle enthusiasts.

Recorded Videos, Case Study and Assessment

The online program is time-independent, meaning that it can be accessed 24 X 7  lifetime.  Case Study and Assessment by Experts after completion of each unit. This program is available Online on ISIEINDIA E-Learning APP and Website.

Free Research Paper Publication

Case Study on Live model, Research Paper Writing and Free Research Paper Publication. Downloadable kit includes tools such as e-books, research paper references, and gazetted government reports are made available at just one click.

Feedback & Interaction

Practical hands-on activities and video Lectures with interactive portal/forum for discussion among students. Prompt feedback to every slight curiosity and query by instructor/trainer is part of this course.

Selection Process: 

Score In all Assessments + Score In Mini Project + Personal Interview  

Program outcomes
  •  Leaning about Vehicle Architecture, Setup, Block Diagram, and Energy Fellow for EV.

  •  Learn how to Simulating vehicle setup on Mat lab Simulink using Powertrain block setup.

  •  Learn Li-Ion Battery Design and Development

  •  Motor Design and Performance Analysis

  •  Mathematical Modelling of Battery

  •  Data Acquisition from BMS

  •  ECU Specification and Requirements

  •  ECU Design and Selection for EV

  •  Model Based Development

  •  Thermally modelling of a Battery pack

  •  Integration of Battery, BMS, Motor and ECU

  •  Case Studies , Mini Projects and Many more.

  • Interest in Electric Mobility Technologies , battery technology.
  • Who is looking certification for BMS and ECU for Electric Vehicle
  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity.
  • Interest in electric vehicles, telecom, solar, aerospace or consumer electronics applications.


  • 49 Lessons
  • 16:37:30 Hours
  • Automotive Industry 202000:17:00
  • Need of Electric Vehicle00:12:00
  • E-mobility Roadmap00:22:00
  • EV System and Subsystems00:20:00
  • Weight, Power and Cost Analysis00:18:00
  • National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 202000:06:00
  • FAME Scheme00:06:00
  • Comparison of Micro to Heavy Electric Vehicles00:10:00
  • Research Paper / Case Study
  • EV Vs. ICE Vehicle Comparison (Structural , Technical , Performance , Environmental and Cost )00:59:00
  • Motor Battery and Controller00:07:00
  • Traction Motors00:13:00
  • Motor Principle00:15:00
  • Motor Types- AC and DC00:20:00
  • Motor Selection00:07:00
  • Calculation for Motor Power00:18:00
  • Motor RPM and Torque Estimation00:08:00
  • Motor Wiring Diagram00:06:00
  • Motor Design and Simulation Method00:05:30
  • Performance Analysis of Motor00:15:00
  • EV Setup and Energy flow00:30:00
  • Power train Block set using Simulink 00:45:00
  • Modelling of Electric vehicle in MATLAB00:30:00
  • Mini Project -1
  • Type of Control System , Specification and Requirements 00:30:00
  • Selection of ECU for Electric Vehicle , Connection Diagram00:40:00
  • Model Based Development Using Mat lab/Simulink Function - Coming soon02:00:00
  • Mini Project -2
  • Li-Ion Battery for EV (Parameter)00:30:00
  • Calculation for Battery ( Motor Selection, Voltage , WLTP, Capacity & Configuration)00:30:00
  • Sensors & Telemetry for Battery Pack00:32:00
  • Data Validation and Cooling System00:30:00
  • Role of BMS, Block Diagram and architecture00:12:00
  • BMS & Battery Pack Integration00:40:00
  • Cell Balancing00:45:00
  • Battery Charger Circuit using MATLAB Simulink00:23:00
  • Mini Project -3
  • Difference between a DIY pack and a industry grade Battery pack00:16:00
  • Type of cooling mechanism you need for Battery pack00:12:00
  • Thermally modelling of a Battery pack01:00:00
  • Failure Mode Analysis for Battery00:15:00
  • Battery Performance Index00:15:00
  • Case Study on Tesla Battery Technology00:30:00
  • Validation of EV in India00:10:00
  • Validation of Battery for EV as per ARAI00:18:00
  • Mini Project-4
  • Assessment 1

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Akshay Gupta DDN - Wed, 23-Sep-2020

I m working at one of leading automotive Industry , i was looking for a course related to BMS and EV control System , then from my circle i came to know about this course at ISIEINDIA. its really very tremendous program i.e. Lectures , Case study . I also found this program have uniqueness that you will not get at any of the platform i.e. Research paper , Case Study etc. I highly recommend this program

Ashutosh Kumar - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

Course is capable of providing in-depth knowledge. Instructors are very good. Video quality is good.

Riti Aggarwal - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

I have completed my BMS & ECU course from ISIE India, well qualified professors. The new modified syllabus matched with industry expectation, all syllabus were covered in well manner by all the experts.

Budh Preet Arora - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

My experience is that I am very lucky that I got an opportunity to study with ISIE India experts. I learned BMS & ECU from there and every expert was too good because they short out every problem which I faced.

ujjwal tyagi - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

I really liked this course. It covers all the necessary aspects of subject in a short time.

AMOL SONAWANE - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

Best course I have ever done. Great efforts from the experts to make this course a handy one.

Ravichandran C. - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

This course was really beneficial in udnerstand the battery characteristics in terms of charging and dicharging. The control methods to manage the battery pack performance and ways to balance the cell charge state.

Avik Chaudhary - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

This was my first experience with ISIEINDIA and I liked it. I thought the course was well organized, clear and easy to follow and the instructor was very knowledgeable with excellent presentation skills.

Abhi sharma - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

This was my first experience with ISIEINDIA & it far exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed all the classes.

Ayan Sharma - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

I picked this course from ISIEINDIA and that was not too expensive because they charged very reasonable fee.

Vishu Anna - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

Best faculties provided by ISIEINDIA for BMS & ECU courses.

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