Automobile Embedded System


In 1970s the Volvo P1800E was the first vehicle to get an ECU to control the engine. Since after that there has been a various way by which the integrated circuits and electronics had been integrated into the vehicle, for various use such as transmission control, safety, impact detection, etc.

With the coming of electric vehicles, it has got a lot easier to control the drive unit, and the performance optimization of the vehicle. The communication is set between the powertrain communication, power unit, dashboard, vehicle control unit, etc. is set by using the CAN connection and thus keeping them in sync with each other and keeping the riders much safer.

In this internship you learn about the basic domains of automotive systems, the CAN protocols and software used in automobile. Learn about the model in loop, hardware in loop and software in loop methods and how to perform them. Along with this you also get to learn about Autosar – the basics and architecture, as well as the various functional safety – ISO26262. 

Program outcomes
  • Basics of Embedded System

  • CAN Communication and Protocol

  • Perform MIL, SIL and HIL test

  • Mathematical Model Based System

  • AUTOSAR Software and Components

  • Hardware and Diagnostics

  • Functional Safety

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity.


  • 26 Lessons
  • 20:24:30 Hours
  • Introduction to Embedded Systems02:00:00
  • Domains of Automotive Embedded Systems00:15:00
  • What is CAN Communication?00:40:00
  • CAN Protocol00:55:00
  • IOT & Autonomous Vehicle 01:25:00
  • Case study- Tesla Car00:44:00
  • Assessment
  • Introduction to Mathematical Model01:40:00
  • Model Based Development using Mathematical Modelling01:09:00
  • MBD Technology00:28:00
  • Testing Automotive Control Systen00:53:00
  • Introduction to Micro Controller00:07:00
  • Micro Controller00:12:00
  • Prerequisite of Python00:16:00
  • Basics of Python00:19:00
  • Coding on Python01:28:00
  • Numpy00:56:00
  • Regressions00:50:00
  • Quick Recap of Course00:20:00
  • Introduction of AI 00:20:00
  • AI Applications00:52:00
  • Introduction to Machine Learning00:40:00
  • Classifications of Machine Learning00:42:30
  • Data Processing & Acquisition00:13:00

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Diya kakkar - Tue, 29-Jun-2021

Highly recommended. I learnt a lot. Presentation was very good. Excellent course. Liked the way you trained.

Sonu Kumar Prajapati - Thu, 12-Aug-2021

Samruddhi Patil - Sat, 18-Sep-2021

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