The ATV Design course specially designed for those students who are preparing to participate in the SAEINDIA BAJA Event (m-Baja / e-Baja). ISIEINDIA | Atv design,baja design,baja course,sae baja course,off road course design

ATV Design and Development


Baja SAE is an intercollegiate design competition run by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Teams of students from universities all over the world design and build small off-road cars. The cars all have engines of the same specifications.
Each team's goal is to design and build a prototype of a rugged, single-seat, off-road recreational vehicle intended for sale to the non-professional weekend off-road enthusiast.

The vehicle must be safe, easily transported, easily maintained, and fun to drive. It should be able to negotiate rough terrain without damage. eBAJA is an electric engine-driven BAJA event organized by SAEINDIA. This was a new initiative introduced in 2014 on the counsel of former President of India, APJ Abdul Kalam, in order to promote greener mobility.

Program Overview:
The ATV Design course specially designed for those students who are preparing to participate in the SAEINDIA BAJA Event (m-Baja / e-Baja). Where a student has to design and build their own All Terrain Vehicle from scratch. These events are not just technical events but events that test your technical, project management, and intellectual ability. Hence this course will help you out from designing your vehicle to forming your team, from understanding rules to understanding responsibilities. This program will help you to understand the static as well as a dynamic event in a better way.

This program provides you with the most flexible learning environment possible. This program is offered as a self-paced program often referred to as an asynchronous online program which is time-independent, meaning that it can be accessed 24X7 lifetime access. This program can be accessed from multiple devices which makes it easy to learn on the go. Lectures that are pre-recorded or slide presentation with voice-over commentary, interactive discussion boxes, real-time modeling on different advanced software, GIF, Videos, graphs, etc.

This ATV Design course on M-BAJA / E-BAJA / ATV Virtual Round Preparation specially designed program by who was Mentor for teams and Technical Judge in the event more than 6 seasons of SAE Baja.

What  You  Will Learn:
 Project Management

 Fund Management

 Sponsorship

 Business Plan

 Vehicle Dynamics

 Vehicle Design

 Rules Understanding

 How to Prepare for Virtual

 Manufacturing of Vehicle

 Final Event Preparation

 DFME Analysis

 Design Validation Plan

 Cost and Weight Estimation

 Research and Marketing

 Case Study / Journey of Teams

 How to develop / Enhance the performance of Team

 To Do, Not to DO

Alumni Details: 
Mr. Manish Kumar
Former Assistant Manager, TVS Motors, M.Tech. IC Engines- ARAI, Sr. Technical Inspector @ Asia's Biggest Electric Solar Vehicle Championship- ESVC & SAE-BAJA

With the implementation and work Experience > 8 Years, extensive experience to provide training at various states of India. Mentor for teams and Technical Judge in the event of more than 6 seasons of SAE Baja.

Program outcomes
  • You will be having a clear picture about execution of your project with clear vision and concept.

  • If your team is continuously failing to perform, you will get to know on what are the things you need to work.

  • Its Team project, you will learn team management and project management.

  • After this course, you will be having a virtual mentor, who has given you not only concept, directions but also whatever he had experienced from his eyes as technical inspector in past 6 years.

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity.
  • Interest in off road vehicles.


  • 25 Lessons
  • 09:40:00 Hours
  • Team Building00:07:00
  • Project Timeline00:10:00
  • Financial Management / Sponsorship00:12:00
  • Market Survey & Procurement00:10:00
  • B-Plan00:15:00
  • Cost Report00:13:00
  • Understanding Rulebook & Compliance00:30:00
  • Introduction & Specification of ATV00:15:00
  • Roll Cage, Knuckle Designing, Calculation & Weight Optimization01:14:00
  • Simulation and Assembly of Rollcage and Knuckle01:00:00
  • Introduction of Suspension Department & Calculation00:35:00
  • Designing of Front Upright, Rear Upright & A-Arms00:17:00
  • Simulation and Assembly of Suspension Components to Rollcage00:34:00
  • Introduction to Transmission and Calculations00:27:00
  • Designing of Wheel Hub, Gears & Half Shaft00:27:00
  • Simulation and Assembly of Transmission Components to Rollcage00:21:00
  • Introduction of Steering & its Component00:30:00
  • Calculation of Ackerman Geometry 00:12:00
  • Designing of Rack, Pinion and Steering column Simulation and Assembly of steering components to Rollcage00:24:00
  • Introduction to Braking00:25:00
  • Calculation of brake force, braking distance and temperature factor on rotors00:10:00
  • Designing of brake rotors, callipers Simulation and Assembly of braking to rollcage 00:17:00
  • Complete Assembly and Rendering of Vehicle on Solidworks00:19:00
  • Innovations in ATV00:19:00
  • Documentation process (DFMEA, DVPR, CAE, Design Report)00:17:00

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