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Both IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are powerful and can make your business smarter. And if you combine these two technologies, it will enable enterprises to achieve even greater digital transformation. There are tons of domains that can harvest the advantages of the coexistence of both technologies. Of course, combining AI and IoT is no walk in the park; not only does it require a hefty investment, but it also requires new skills and expertise. But together both these innovative technologies have a major impact on businesses to maximize their profit and function more efficiently.

AI + IoT = Superpowers of Innovation

IoT devices use the internet to communicate, collect, and exchange information about our online activities. Every day, they generate 1 billion GB of data.

By 2025, there is projected to be 42 billion IoT-connected devices globally. It is only natural that as these device numbers grow, the swaths of data will too. That is where AI steps in—lending its learning capabilities to the connectivity of the IoT.

Looking at the scope & demand of AI & IOT Professionals in the industry, ISIE INDIA is offering a certified PGDM course on AI & IOT. This program is going to be the one of its kind of program which helps in understanding the concepts of AI & IOT and helps in providing the hands on and project-based applications of AI & IOT.

Program outcomes
  • Concepts & Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence

  • Statistics Essential

  • Python for Data Science

  • Data Science with Python

  • Opportunities with IoT

  • Security Considerations Using IoT

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity.


  • 16 Lessons
  • 16:25:40 Hours
  • Intro to Machine Learning00:40:00
  • Classification of Machine Learning00:42:00
  • Data Processing & Acquisition00:13:00
  • Introduction of Python00:39:00
  • Basics of Python00:42:00
  • Python Libraries00:43:00
  • Data Processing00:48:40
  • Stocashtic Gradient Descent Algorithm00:39:00
  • Regression Algorithm00:49:00
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence00:30:00
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning Introduction01:00:00
  • Descriptive Statistics and Regression Analysis01:30:00
  • Introduction to IOT02:00:00
  • Design and Development 02:00:00
  • Security Consideration01:30:00
  • Opportunities with IOT02:00:00

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