Advanced Electric Vehicle Crash Course is being designed to upskill the engineers on the emerging technologies in the E-mobility to support the industry with job-ready manpower. This course is exclusively recommended program by SMEV- Society for manufactures of Electric Vehicle and 17 + Automotive Industries. ISIEINDIA | Electric vehicle, electric vehicle engineering, advanced electric vehicle design, electric vehicle certification, ev design ,ev course,ev india,hybrid electric vehicle, electric vehicle course in india

Advance Electric Vehicle Design


India is making a big push for electric vehicle, signaling a turning point in its clean energy policy. In 2017, Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari shocked the automobile industry (and the world) when he announced that he intended for India to move to 100% electric cars by 2030.

India wants to become a “global hub of manufacturing of electric vehicles”, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said in her budget speech earlier in the year 2019. The Economic Survey, a government forecast, released a day before the budget envisaged an Indian city possibly emerging as the “Detroit of electric vehicles” in the future.

Advanced Electric Vehicle Crash Course is being designed to upskill the engineers on the emerging technologies in the E-mobility to support the industry with job-ready manpower. This course is an exclusively recommended program by SMEV- Society for manufactures of  Electric Vehicle and 17 + Automotive Industries. The Program is designed by India’s First and Biggest E-Mobility Learning Platform ISIEINDIA’s Technical Committee which is having more than 100+ Industry leaders and experts from Indian as well as Global OEM i.e. Hero Electric, Mahindra, Renault, TVS etc.


1. Globally Recognised Certificate
2. Recommended program by SMEV- Society for manufactures of Electric Vehicle, MSME and 17 + Automotive Industries.

Program designed for Professionals / Academicians / Engineers / Undergraduate Students and all interested Electric Vehicle enthusiasts

Recorded Videos, Case Study and Assessment
Online program which is time-independent, meaning that it can be accessed 24 X 7 lifetime. Case Study and Assessment by Experts after completion of each unit. This program is available Online on ISIEINDIA E-Learning APP and Website.

Free Research Paper Publication
Case Study on Live model, Research Paper Writing and Free Research Paper Publication. Downloadable kit includes tools such as e-books, research paper references and gazetted government reports are made available at just one click.

Feedback & Interaction
Practical hands-on activities and video Lectures with interactive portal/forum for discussion among students. Prompt feedback to every slight curiosity and query by instructor/trainer are part of this course.

Program outcomes
  • Leaning about Vehicle Architecture, Setup, Block Diagram , Energy Fellow for EV .

  • Learn how to Simulating vehicle setup on Mat lab simulink using Powertrain block setup.

  • Learn Charging System and its Technologies.

  • Vehicle Dynamics that include Steering, Braking, Steering Selection norms and calculation, Wheel dynamics and Suspension system.

  • How to Developing a Monocoque Chassis in CAD.

  • How to do Verification and Validation

  • Learn Design and analysis of Chassis

  • Learn Codes and Standards for EV design and development.

  • Various Case Study on different Model.

  • How to choose different component , i.e. selection of right motor, Convertor , Charging System, Drive Train , Controllers etc.

  • How does size and type of components effecting the performance of Vehicle.

  • Battery Management System, Energy Management Control Strategies and Power Electronics.

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity.
  • Seeking Career Opportunity in E-Mobility
  • Interest in electric vehicles, telecom, solar, aerospace or consumer electronics applications.


  • 68 Lessons
  • 20:47:57 Hours
  • Introduction to EV00:10:00
  • Introduction to HEV00:40:00
  • Types of HEV- Series HYBRID00:13:00
  • Types of HEV- Parallel HYBRID00:11:00
  • Types of HEV- Plugin HYBRID00:12:00
  • Case Study(Green Credentials and Peugeot Hybrid Air)00:18:27
  • Introduction to Chassis00:13:00
  • Factor affecting chassis and machining00:16:00
  • Calculation on chassis CG & reactive forces00:08:00
  • Structural Analysis of Frame00:14:00
  • Automotive Materials00:18:00
  • Ergonomics00:16:00
  • Vehicle Aerodynamics00:10:00
  • Prototyping00:13:00
  • Steering components & their functions00:11:00
  • Steering Geometries00:14:00
  • Steering Parameters00:13:00
  • Power Steering00:20:00
  • Steering Mechanism Calculation00:12:00
  • Steering Errors00:11:00
  • Case Study -Continuous Track Steering System00:10:00
  • Suspension & terminologies00:25:00
  • Factors affecting Vehicle Stability00:10:30
  • Dependent Suspension ( With Calculations )00:40:00
  • Quarter Car model00:11:00
  • Case Study ( Simulate car Suspension geometry on Lotus/Adams ) - Coming Soon00:40:00
  • Introduction to Braking Mechanism & components00:16:00
  • Anti-lock Braking system - ABS00:14:00
  • Materials & Factor affecting brakes00:18:00
  • Analysis of brake disc (Thermal and static)00:20:00
  • Brake Calculations00:15:00
  • Wheel & load distribution with wheel dynamics00:16:00
  • SAE Tyre axis system00:12:00
  • History & Manufacturing of tire materials00:15:00
  • Tire Formula00:08:00
  • Tire Designation00:08:00
  • Rim material and manufacturing00:09:00
  • Tire Modelling Using SolidWorks00:15:00
  • Prerequisite for chassis design- SolidWorks User Interface 00:15:00
  • Chassis Design and Dynamics00:21:00
  • Chassis Design - On Solidworks 00:28:00
  • Simulation on Chassis00:32:00
  • FE Analysis of Automotive of Chassis -I00:45:00
  • FE Analysis of Automotive Chassis -II (Structural Analysis) 00:11:00
  • FE Analysis of Automotive Chassis -III (Explicit Dynamic Analysis)00:20:00
  • Li-Ion Battery for EV - Parameter00:30:00
  • Calculation for Battery 00:30:00
  • Sensors and Telemetry for Battery Pack00:32:00
  • Data Validation and Cooling System 00:30:00
  • BMS & Battery Pack Integration 00:40:00
  • Cell Balancing 00:43:00
  • Motor and Controller Calculation 01:14:00
  • Simulation on MATLAB00:13:00
  • Simulink and blocksets00:17:00
  • Powertrain Blockset00:14:00
  • EV Modelling00:29:00
  • Design Goals and Frame00:10:00
  • Design of Steering Geometry 00:15:00
  • Design Suspension System00:15:00
  • Electrical System 00:10:00
  • Challenges in EV00:15:00
  • Goals Set for Electrification00:15:00
  • Requirements for Policy Making00:15:00
  • Standards and Regulation in India00:15:00
  • Validation of EVs as per ARAI standards00:18:00
  • Assessment 1
  • Mini Project 1: Designing and Simulation of Roll Cage of Electrical Vehicle
  • Mini Project 2: Design and Simulate (static, dynamic thermal) brake disc of Bajaj Pulsar 150

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Jasmeet Singh - Sat, 27-Jun-2020

Mr. ravi Sharma - Fri, 19-Jun-2020

very informative. Learned a lot. waiting for assessment.

Dr. Akash Singh - HOD - Fri, 19-Jun-2020

I personally recommended this course to all of my students. This course is different from other courses available on E-Mobility on other platforms. here are a lot of topics covered i.e. very new. Thanks

Johnson Stella - Fri, 19-Jun-2020

Excellent course. Thanks from US

Brahmjot Singh - Fri, 03-Jul-2020

bad sound quality in section 8 topic 1

Sanket Chikalge - Sun, 17-Jan-2021

The course title is completely misleading. This course does not teach you anything Advanced or anything useful for industry. Forget about the placement. Don't enroll in this course and save your 10000/-

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