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Advance Data Science (ADS)


The last decade saw significant trends in technology; some of the most significant interest and growth was focused on Data science and programming. It also a need of industries to get some skilled Person in Python (Data science)

Keeping this in mind, our experts from the industry have come forward to help us design this upcoming course – “DATA SCIENCE WITH PYTHON”

In this course we will have a discussion over various topics like Basics of Python, data structure, python Programming, arrays, data analytics and its manipulation

The learners will get a detailed overview on the basics of the python programming environment including fundamental python programming techniques such as numpy arrays & scipy library.

The course will introduce data manipulation and cleaning techniques using the popular python by the end of this course, students will be able to take tabular data, its manipulation, and run basic inferential statistical analyses. We have also added some case studies, quiz, and assignment for the better understanding of individual learners.

This course will majorly benefit the aspiring engineers, professionals looking for job change and the entrepreneurs looking to make a change in this direction. 

The course is fully online mode, with live lectures and doubt clearing sessions and it includes 10 modules for the 60+ learning hour. The course includes 20 assignments in total and it also includes assessments after completion of each module, based on which you will be provided with a global certificate.

Who can attend? 

  • Entrepreneurs who are looking to set up their industry or start-up 

  • Graduates or postgraduates looking to improve their resume and land a job. 

  • Professionals who are looking for job change.

Program outcomes
  • You will be motivated to start your career in DATA SCIENCE

  • Learn to program in Python at a good level

  • Learn how to code in Jupiter Notebooks

  • You will be learning core principles of programming

  • You will get an idea how to create variables

  • Learn about string ,float integer, logical and other types in Python

  • Learn how to create a while() loop and a for() loop in Python

  • Understand the Law of Large Numbers

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity.


  • 23 Lessons
  • 00:00:00 Hours
  • Basic of Programming00:00:00
  • Descriptive Statistics00:00:00
  • Estimators and Inferential Statistics00:00:00
  • Regression Analysis00:00:00
  • R Programming fundamentals00:00:00
  • Working with Data in R00:00:00
  • Data Structuring and Visualization00:00:00
  • Statistics for Data Science00:00:00
  • Classification, Clustering and Association00:00:00
  • Python Basics and Fundamentals00:00:00
  • Data and NumPys in Python00:00:00
  • Data Science and Analytics00:00:00
  • Computing in Python00:00:00
  • Pandas and Sci-Kit Learn00:00:00
  • BeautifulSoup and Hadoop00:00:00
  • Intro to AI and ML00:00:00
  • Data Wrangling and Manipulation00:00:00
  • Supervised Learning00:00:00
  • Unsupervised Learning00:00:00
  • Intro to Tableau00:00:00
  • Working with Metadata00:00:00
  • Applying Analytics to Worksheet00:00:00
  • Dashboard and Modifications in Tableau00:00:00

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Avik Chaudhary - Wed, 05-May-2021

All the experts were very professional in their specified subjects because I chosen two courses from ISIEINDIA, one is E-Mobility & another one is Advance data Science, earlier I thought it is good to choose both subject from one place but after got all the lectures, I think it was my best decision.

Akky Reddy - Wed, 05-May-2021

The course is highly effective!

Abhi sharma - Wed, 05-May-2021

The course was in-depth and a great learning experience. Thank you for this beautiful platform

Riti Aggarwal - Wed, 05-May-2021

Thanks for Providing excellent knowledge for us with briefly.Also I will plan for next courses with your organisation.

Budh Preet Arora - Wed, 05-May-2021

It was excellent training. Among all batches also got come new daily using tricks as well as understand all lecture wonderful and Thanks for your time.

Vishu Anna - Wed, 05-May-2021

I am very glad to join ISIEINDIA programme, i chosen Advance Data Science course and and It was very effective. Best course I have ever done.

Ayan Sharma - Wed, 05-May-2021

I have learn new technology & it is very important for my future life Thanks for your all precious effort.

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