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Introduction humans have been evolving since the nomadic era and inventing the wheel was the turning point for mankind. Maybe was a rolling stone that got a wooden carved wheel. We have been requiring mobility to transport goods, commute, and also seek the requirements for living and surviving against the odds. But as time chased the speed, Electric Vehicles evolved to be the smartest to invent machines that convert energies to keep us moving. We made carts propelled by cattle, which did help our ancestors to feed their stomachs. Taking back to the time of genius,  ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ who was a visionary, sculpt artist, and engineer gave some ideas to paper to know what and mobility could be! Of which his ideas are still mesmerized. Proceeding to which by 1800s first self-propelled cars started to roll and grab the attention of this beautiful throttling machine. The fact is combustion-powered, steam-propelled, or electrically driven were almost closely born to this land of curiosity. Seeing this there was a lot of curiosity generated by scientists and engineers to generate, promote progress with mobility. And hence British, French, Germans, Holland, and Americans are considered the pioneers for the automotive industry car makers. They probably made and presented the best and practically sound passenger car to drive and cut across the streets which was $ 2000-2500 and did run for up to 60 to 80 km on a single set of non - rechargeable batteries. The vehicle did attain a speed of 20– 23 km/h. People really got in love with electric vehicle cars as they were easy to ride, quiet, didn’t require firing time, unlike the steam engines powered cars and best were fun to ride. Hence by the 1900s, they got a market hold of around 2020

Electric Vehicles can also reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change and smog, improving public health and reducing ecological damage.

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