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Yes, you heard it right! 830 km on a single charge stretch! Lucid Motors (formerly known as ‘Atieva’) Air is going to reveal the sedan soon on 3 September 2020. This fluidic-looking car is designed and developed in Newark, USA. Which is quite native to giant Electric Vehicle car makers such as Tesla Motors. Lucid Motors are quite prominent in making and supplying batteries to the Formula e motorsport industry. Hence better research and development projects and innovations have got the company to design and develop vehicles with almost autonomous ready electric vehicle cars.

Aiming to be the best technologies has become quite stagnant after such technologies have come across. Looking at the charging capabilities, 500 km in 20 min charge is best in class. Thanks to rigorous patents and unique innovations which make stormy entry to the market in September next month. Where most of the cream electric vehicles are compatible with 270 kW, Lucid Motors Air is equipped with 300 kW. What we call it massive. Some of the testing on tracks reveals the car can hit around 350 kmph top speed with limiters. And guess without this barrier, the vehicle can slice through highways at 378 kmph.

Thanks to the 400 horsepower front motor and 600 horsepower rear motor, the car can hit 60 mph in just 2.5 sec. And that is what we call a torque feeder machine. Apart from these this 4 door sedan is enhanced with driver assist systems issued by Mobileye EyeQ4. To power up, Air is charged and propelled by 2170 standard lithium-ion batteries supplied by Samsung SDI and LG Chem. These are exclusively used by all teams which were then developed by McLaren Applied Technologies and Sony all together during the season. This was all possible with diversified ex-employees from top-notch companies like Tesla, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Mazda, etc.

The iconic integrated front windscreen and roof make it look futuristic and minimalistic altogether. Apart from lavish and luxurious interior adds the cherry on the top of the product. We are still looking and peeping for the crashworthiness and safety of the occupants so that the integrated roof and front glass windshield can be commented about. Talking about the suspension system, the Lucid Air is equipped with advanced damper systems, perfectly calibrated air cushion systems, and a low center of gravity.

Hence going through above all, one can say we have a new horse to gallop and defeat the best in the stable. 2020 would be open to Lucid Motors Air and its expansion across the globe.

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